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Our Mission

Living 127, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charity that provides personal hygiene items and school supplies for children living in orphanages in Latin America. We help improve the quality of life for over 1,000-children, in 30-orphanages, in 20-countries.

The breakdown...
  • Guatemala (2-orphanages)
  • Costa Rica (5-orphanages)
  • Panama (1-orphanage)
  • Ecuador (2-orphanages)
  • Dominican Republic (2-orphanages)
  • Mexico (1-orphanage)
  • Bolivia (1-orphanage)
  • Colombia (2-orphanages)
  • Honduras (1-orphanage)
  • El Salvador (1-orphanage)
  • Argentina (1-orphanage)
  • Peru (1-orphanage)
  • Chile (1-orphanage)
  • Paraguay (1-orphanage)
  • Guyana (1-orphanage)
  • Brazil (1-orphanage)
  • Haiti (1-orphange)
  • USA (1-orphanage)
  • Nicaragua (1-orphanage)
  • Puerto Rico (1-orphanage)
  • Venezuela (2-orphanages)
Please be praying for these orphanages, which care for hundreds of children that have been abandoned, malnourished, abused, rescued from human trafficking, or have special needs. Our work would not be possible without your financial gifts.