What We Do

Caring for the Orphans

Living 127 partners with orphanages in Latin America to provide hygiene items and school supplies. We purchase items in the country where the orphanage is located, supporting their local economy, which is also important to our mission. Occasionally, Living 127 helps with special projects or needs; such as food, building repairs, medical expenses, etc. We have a Scholarship program to assist kids transitioning out of the orphanage due to age, while continuing to pursue their education. Homes are visited between one and four times per year, or we coordinate with them directly.


We provide an ongoing supply of personal hygiene items for each child living in the orphanage. These hygiene items include; soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

School Supplies

There is no greater tool in keeping a child out of poverty than an education. Not every child has the ability or privilege to attend school in Latin America. Many areas are lacking educational resources, which makes the learning process very difficult. We are committed to providing supplies, such as; books, backpacks, pencils, notebooks, uniforms, etc.