Who We Are

Living 127, Inc. was founded in February 2013 by two guys (Michael & Eric) who have been friends for over 40-years.  They had gone on numerous mission trips, but after visiting Guatemala and seeing so many young children that were malnourished, living in the streets and local garbage dump, everything changed.  They learned most orphanages were willing to care for more children, but lacked the financial resources to do so.  Through many conversations and research, they discovered that if they were able to provide an ongoing supply of hygiene items and school supplies, the orphanages could reallocate their budget to help care for more abandoned, abused, and orphaned children.  They found their purpose and Living 127 was born! This name was chosen to reflect a commitment to live out the bible verse in James 1:27, which instructs us to “care for orphans in their time of need.”   
Soon thereafter, Scott joined the team and travels with Living 127 on most trips.  He was instrumental in starting the Scholarship fund, which helps support kids as they age-out of living in the orphanage while still pursuing an education.
The Board of Directors is committed to having 100% of all donations received being solely used to purchase supplies for the children.  All operating and travel expenses are underwritten by a few board members.  When you become part of the Living 127 team of donors, you are truly making a direct impact in the life of a child.